Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner (Blank Dates Version)

BONUS: Included with your order a copy of the Dreambook+Planner PDF to get you started on your journey before you book even ships!

The Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner is a place for you to dream, craft, and forge new rituals. It helps you clarify and emphasize your true priorities and establish a plan to bring them to the forefront of your life. It guides you to find enjoyment and specialness every step of the way. And it reminds you not to sacrifice your physical, psychological, or spiritual health as you start achieving goals like never before.

The Dreambook+Planner has monthly and weekly calendars for you to do your scheduling in the book itself. We've left the dates blank, so you can get started when you like. 

What's inside the Dreambook+Planner:

  • 214 pages including:
  • Introduction: How to get started, best ways to use the book
  • Dreaming: Connecting to true desires, dreaming and honing vision, crafting, ritualizing, setting your theme for the year
  • Planning Sessions: Goals for the year, quarter, and month
  • Weekly Boot Camp: Top goals for the week, tasks, a weekly Ritual for Living health challenge, space to de-clutter
  • Weekly Download: Reflection and gratitude
  • Back Sheets: Lists, essential blank space for right brain creative exploration
  • End of Year: Reflection, memorable moments, what worked and didn’t work, next year’s theme
  • Monthly: Planning tool to keep you on track with what matters most, identify your monthly theme and goals
  • Weekly: Task list, Rituals for Living challenge, schedule, life balance tool
  • Daily: Set an intention, express gratitude, identify a focus


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Kelly B.

I love this book! I'm

I love this book! I'm going through alot of personal changes right now, and this is Divine intervention! It's amazing! I immediately found a strong and empowering connection with this book/planner! Can't wait to get started on it!!!

Eric F.

I love how clean and

I love how clean and pretty it is. I've decided to make this my year to figure myself out. Looking through these pages I can see this really helping me get there.

Cheryl W.

Beautiful and a challenge to

Beautiful and a challenge to me. I gifted one to a friend and she was delighted. I do like your support system. You seem to be a very credible company.


I came to the Dragontree

I came to the Dragontree process late in January so I'm doing a bit of catch up work. I am an adult with ADHD so organization is critical for my life. However, since I started the Dragontree Dream Book and Planner, I see a difference in focus as well as general happiness with my day! I retired from health care management in 2009 to devote full time to writing, gardening, making music, and playing with grandbabies. The same year, my parents, now age 85 and 87, moved with us to The Compound (we call it that) to live in an apartment attached to our house. I found myself bouncing from one thing to the other without plan--And one day I found that IT was all managing ME! I have journaled for years, so I continued, but I kept trying to plan my life and my day the same way I did when I was working. A couple of years ago, I started trying to do it a different way, to keep all the planning in one book. Then, this past December, I saw on Facebook that two dynamic and trusted friends "Like" Dragontree and I investigated. Just what I needed... I am loving it. No, really, I LOVE it!

Leah C.

Got into it this morning.

Got into it this morning. Started and have been struggling--not because it isn't brilliant, rather because I need to dig deep and that requires work. It's a bit early for five stars, ask me in a few weeks when I have put more in and gotten more out!

Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner (Blank Dates Version)

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