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The Dragontree Apothecary


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Add some fabulousness to your daily planning with these gorgeous stickers from The Dragontree. Choose from two unique sets to customize your Dreambook + Planner!

Mystical: Gentle reminders of the magic within you, these stickers will illuminate your journey. Use them in your planner, your journal, or anywhere else you want to turn up the magic. The Mystical sticker pack contains three sheets of enchanting stickers.
    Dreambook + Planner Essentials: The ultimate sticker collection, created specifically to fit perfectly in your Dreambook+Planner.  The Dreambook+Planner Sticker Pack includes six sheets of stickers:
    • One sheet of organization stickers to use in your schedule so you complete the cycle of creation on all of your big dreams!
    • One sheet of actionable stickers with daily actions you can place throughout your week to create a self-care practice that prioritizes your health and happiness.
    • Two sheets of beautiful intention stickers for use in your daily intentions box. Aiming to feel peaceful, centered and focused? This sticker pack has all that and more.
    • Two Sheets of inspiration stickers to inspire you to  live your best life! Add these stunning stickers to your Dreambook + Planner, your calendar, or anywhere else you could use some light and joy.