Rituals For Transformation

Rituals for Transformation is a workbook of morning and evening rituals that will lead you on a journey of self-discovery and awakening.

Each day is centered around a single lesson you can read in just a few minutes. You’ll do a meditation on that lesson and choose a related intention for the day. In the writing space for morning and evening reflections, you’ll engage with the material, discover insights, and express your gratitude for all the blessings in your life.

You’ll experience noticeable changes even if you’re only able to devote a small amount of time to the process. And whenever you’re able to invest more, you’ll get so much more out of it.

Do you have a sense that there is more to life? A higher truth, a bigger connection, or a missing link that would lead you to happiness, deeper peace, and a stable foundation of wellbeing?

Have you drank all the green juice, sweated out your sins in hot yoga, and “affirmationed” the crap out of your day, only to feel further away from your own inner truth?


You’ve written your gratitude statements. Now for some real transformation.

Maybe you’ve never felt like you belong in any particular group of seekers, or you’re not sure where to start, but you feel driven to break out of your old, limited perspective.


Create your happiness now.

If you want to create a strong foundation for unshakeable well-being, we’d love to help. 

Because what you’ve always secretly wondered is true:

You are meant for great things.

You are connected.

Magic is real.

You can be ecstatically happy.

And it’s all working out perfectly in your favor.

The only problem is, you don’t experience this truth every day, because it's so easy to lose your way in a world that's full of confusion and fear.

Imagine what life would be like if you took 108 days and dedicated yourself not to learning, but remembering your true nature, where you come from, and the connection and unity of the universe.  Imagine what could be possible if you dedicated 108 days to cleaning house, tuning in, forgiving, honoring, reflecting, and embracing your highest Self!

Lessons cover topics such as:

  • Reframing your relationship with your body

  • Healing your mind

  • Opening to greater energy

  • Connecting to your higher power

  • Self-trust

  • Forgiveness

  • Letting Go

  • Vision

  • Receiving the life you deserve

How will your life be different?

  • When things don’t go as you expect or prefer, you’ll know that it’s still for your greater good. And in that moment you’ll experience gratitude instead of fear.

  • You’ll wake up with a full breath and a vision for creating your day with intention and magic.

  • A genuine smile will emerge from the depths of your being and shine from you onto the world.

This isn’t a fairy tale. This is exactly what your soul is calling for you to discover. The Truth.

We want you to experience happiness in all moments, not just momentary happiness, and that takes some serious soul exploration and a willingness to commit to something more for yourself.

Real change.

Every word, image, and page has been thoughtfully crafted to help you overcome blocks, claim your power, and open yourself to new possibilities. We know you’re going to love it.

 So . . .

How happy can you get?  Find out. 


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A The Dragontree Apothecary Customer
Annie P.
United States

Perfect daily attention to my spirit

I love my book. It is dealing with deep issues, but playfully. It is a wonderful, doable discipline, that is flexible yet holds some accountability. And it's fun. Keeps me coming back each day.

Connie E.
United States

Love this

I bought this as a gift and the recipient has yet to receive it. However i browsed it and love it. Yes i will buy again for myself

Janice E.
United States

Best spiritual investment at bargain price!

I purchased my first Rituals journal last fall and it was the best investment for my spiritual practice ever. I highly recommend.

Felecia W.
United States


I’m just starting the journal but I already know it’s going to be beneficial, I’m looking forward to what I’m going to experience & learn in these 108 days to come!

Gena H.
United States

Quality planner

I just started using it and for me, who is completely a fly by the seat of my pants kind of woman, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed at the thought of planning my days by the minutes. I am also having a hard time following it. Lol I'm only into the second day and am having to change things around. For example, I am very big on learning spiritual things. This planner (the questions) have been awesome at really digging into my mind and making me think about what I really need to do first. I feel pretty scatter brained and I am realizing that I do too much but not really completing anything. So it's helping me schedule things to focus into completion. That's scary for me, because I want to do so much at once. Lol And I can't. Something that would maybe help someone like me, for future planners created, is more suggestions in the quarterly planning, so that a person isn't planning too much. For those of us who aren't used to this type of planner, but want to learn, it can be very overwhelming.

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