Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner PDF

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Choose between the Dated 2020 or Blank Dates Dreambook PDFs above. 

The Rituals For Living Dreambook+Planner PDF is your digital tool is a place for you to dream, craft, and forge new rituals. It helps you clarify and emphasize your true priorities, and establish a plan to bring them to the forefront of your life. It guides you to find enjoyment and specialness every step of the way. And it reminds you not to sacrifice your physical, psychological, or spiritual health as you start achieving goals like never before.

The Dreambook+Planner has monthly and weekly calendars for you to do your scheduling in the book itself. The Dreambook has the process for creating the tasks - but you would put them into a digital calendar like Google Cal or iCal.

What's inside the Dreambook+Planner:

  • 320 pages including:
  • Introduction: How to get started, best ways to use the book
  • Dreaming: Connecting to true desires, dreaming and honing vision, crafting, ritualizing, setting your theme for the year
  • Planning Sessions: Goals for the year, quarter, and month
  • 2-page Weekly Boot Camp: Top goals for the week, tasks, a weekly Ritual for Living health challenge, space to de-clutter
  • Weekly Download: Reflection and gratitude
  • Back Sheets: Lists, essential blank space for right brain creative exploration
  • End of Year: Reflection, memorable moments, what worked and didn’t work, next year’s theme
  • Monthly: Planning tool to keep you on track with what matters most, identify your monthly theme and goals
  • Weekly: Task list, Rituals for Living challenge, schedule, life balance tool
  • Daily: Set an intention, express gratitude, identify a focus
  • Full-length columns for Saturday and Sunday in the weekly spread

  • Times left blank so you can fill in the hours that matter to you

  • Extra dot-grid pages for notes

  • Habit tracker

  • Weekly reflection questions

  • Additional questions in quarterly "Life Edits"

  • Pre-filled sample pages

  • Extra space every week for notes and doodles

The Dreambook PDF is printable at 8.5x11 inches.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
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Debra Barker verified customer review of Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner PDFDebra Barker verified customer review of Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner PDF

Rituals for living Dreambook and Planner

I bought the PDF because I wanted to have it printed the same size as the Happy Planner so that I could use some of the Happy Planner accessories with my Dragontree planner. I had it printed on 32 lb paper, disk punched it, and used a Happy Planner cover. It turned out really beautiful. It was a little more expensive to do it this way, but I am really happy with the end result and I will do the same thing next year.

Debra B.
United States United States

Dreambook & Planner

I haven't finished going through the dreambook but I'm really grateful for its existence. I feel for once in my life that someone created something on a practice human level that connects to all aspects of who I am, what I strive for and keep close to my heart. Amazing & beautiful.

Sitara R.
Canada Canada

Helps prioritize life

Great product would recommend

Dawn K.
United States United States

Simply beautiful

I have recommended Rituals for Livingbook and Planner to my clients. I’m a behavioral health therapist. The Rituals for Living Dreambook and Planner is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to embrace the sacredness of life and live with intention. I’m thankful to Dragontree and it’s creators. Dr.Susan, Psy.D.,LMHC

Susan L.
United States United States

Delighted to have had an easy purchase

I bought a self-help book in .pdf form and it was very easy to start using it right away and participate in the many activities.

Deborah L.
United States United States


I'd highly recommend. I love both the PDFs. I enjoy the quality and the work. I enjoy setting daily intentions.

Melissa A. Gerow
United States United States
Joan Michel verified customer review of Rituals For Living Dreambook + Planner PDF

Excellent life and professional planner

I use this planner to manage my work for my small business. The work involved in running a small business can eclipse other life goals one may have but the structure of the Dreambook Planner keeps me mindful of ALL of my goals. I’m an organization nerd and I’ve yet to find anything better for me. I used to buy the bound book and now buy the electronic version so I can print it in a looseleaf notebook and insert other documents as needed.

Joan M.
United States United States

Love my Dreambook and Planner

The Dreambook has been an amazing tool in helping me to really hone in on what it is that I want to do with my life and how I want to live it. It requires time and focused energy to complete but it is so worth it. The vibrant Facebook community surrounding the Dreambook is lovely and supportive as well. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Leslie W.
United States United States


I love using the pdf RFL Dreambook and Planner! It's so easy to use.

Sandra K.
United States United States

I really love the questions

It is extremely helpful and clarifying and when I bought the first one on a whim, it made this the best year yet. My only complaint is that the week starts on Monday instead of Sunday and the hours in the day stop too soon on the planner.

Charley D.
United States United States


Could not have been easier

Sharon F.
United States United States

Feeling Torn, This Tool Brings Focus & Clarity

I am still in the dreambook area. I have not started weekly tracking yet. The questions/prompts really help pull what is important into focus. I often feel overwhelmed by the many hats I wear and this is helping me decide how to prioritize my commitments and see where I wish to spend my time and energy. I am loving it.

Pauline G.
United States United States

Excellent Product

This is my 2nd year with the Dreambook+Planner, I loved it so much last year I had to do it again this year!

Paula M.
Canada Canada

Great solution!

I've been having trouble staying engaged with the calendar part of my Dreambook & Planner, because I am required to use Outlook for work. I switched to the PDF version so I can do all the dreaming & planning yearly, quarterly, and weekly, and then I schedule my time and tasks in Outlook. I did get the PDF version taht includes the calendar, because I still want the weekly bootcamp and the calendar pages can be helpful for drafting timelines and planning tasks in a worksheet format. I've printed the pages and put them in a 3-ring binder, and it's working really well!

Betsy B.
United States United States

Awesome Gift for My Soul

Truly a wonderful, inspiring Dreambook. Bless you for your Divine inspiration and willingness to do all that it takes to get it out into the world for the rest of us!

Michael H.
United States United States

Life changing

I so love this planner and dreambook! It helps me to organize my work, and daily activities, to find out what is truly important to me and to implement it consistently. Using this dreambook and planner has been life changing. Thank you for creating it.

Vika G.
United States United States

Love it!!

I love the printable version with no dates...I hunted for this...I'm so happy!!

Sandra B.
United States United States

Dashboard for my Life

I’ve used this book for 3 years now. It helps me keep my eye on the things that make my life move forward. I can’t do it from memory. I need a way of tracking things and I’ve never used anything else that helps me sort and plan and schedule so that my mind is free to dream.

Angel M.
United States United States

I wish it would have

I wish it would have come with some colour!

A The Dragontree Apothecary Customer
Isabelle S.
Canada Canada

Living Dreambook & Planner

It's great, it really makes you think about what you want out of your life and how to plan to get there

Siobhan B.
United States

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