Rituals For Transformation Carrying Bag

Crafted from high-quality organic cotton, these carrying bags are the perfect companion for your Rituals for Transformation Journal or Dreambook + Planner. Protect your book from scuffs, spills, and other life accidents while you make your way through your 108-day journey.

Note: this is an upgraded reissue of the limited edition carrying bag that we created for  Rituals For Transformation pre-order rewards.

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Customer Reviews

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MaryKay D.
United States

Transformations bag

It has been excellent

Sandy R.
United States

Planner bag

This is a beautiful bag and I take my planner everywhere. The bag is perfect for protecting your planner and has room for extras like pens and stickers!!

Thomas H.
United States

Icing on the cake!

There’s just something about pulling those drawstrings closed and then reopening them again and again, that encapsulates the experience of my journey toward transformation! So glad I bought them together! I eagerly open the bag each morning! Then when I finish writing, reading, and meditating I “seal” it inside for the day, and I keep it with me all day in the back of my mind. Hurray for ME!It’s like opening a present to myself every time!

Jan S.
United States


This book is letting me see in print...what my unknown questions and blocks have been....inside I've been feeling like a huge ball of rubber bands...all knotted up and not knowing where to start..this book is the Answer....my most tightest knot is...loving myself....forgiveness...and letting go of what no longer serves me....I AM WONDERING....what would you think about a book on prayers and or Intentions, that may be Phase 2...because it's gonna take more than 108 days...for me, and maybe many more, one lesson each day...to truly transform for good. Something like a reference book, for follow up...and helpful prayers or intentions for when we are finished with 108 days....I just love how you both, put into words, short and to the piont....that Hits the Nail on the Head. I guess you both seem to know some much about transforming...and, I just want to live Transformed.....oh....And I'd love to have A Dragon Tree of my own. And, Thank You Both for what you are doing for the Universe....so...I'm gonna go check out you're sample...

Sarah H.
United States

RFT Carrying Bag

The Bag was as Beautiful in my hands as it was in the picture, but what was even better was the customer service that went above and beyond to search and find that they had them to sell, for those of us that missed out when we bought the book! Thanks again for all you do! Namasta

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