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Reclaim Your Power - A Meditative Ceremony for Energetic Wholeness

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A meditative ceremony and journal prompts to return yourself to energetic wholeness.

You feel stretched thin (even if you aren’t overscheduled - but definitely if you are), your focus is crap, and it feels like you’re taking it ALL on.

This, my love, is because you’ve been giving it all away. 

And by it, I mean your power.

We’ve been taught through modeling and message that we aren’t powerful unless we’re perfect. So we chase money, looks, and talent to prove that we are worthy.

We’ve been told that we can’t trust ourselves to know what’s right and wrong for us, so we seek instruction from politicians, guru’s, and random celebrities, rather than turning to our higher selves.

We’ve been sold that our value comes from how much we can give and give and give, without tending to ourselves (especially women - but guys too!) As if draining ourselves to zero is the way to prove we care enough. Enough to feel okay about ourselves.

But you can reclaim your power. And not only can you - it’s the most revolutionary thing you can do for your life, for your family, and for the world.

When you do:

  • You’ll be able to create clear, firm, loving boundaries
  • You’ll learn to trust yourself with your life
  • You’ll be more focused and clear and capable of creating what you want in your life
  • You’ll feel happy and free

In this hour-long ceremony and journal exercises you’ll gain clarity on what is currently draining your energy, set the hallowed stage for deep ceremony, and do a healing meditation to magnetize your energy back to you.

When you’re done you’re going to feel like ALL OF YOU!  Which is so incredibly powerful.

I can’t wait for you to experience it.

This powerful ritual will immediately help you feel grounded, strong, and alive in a new way.  And it’s something you can do any time you’re feeling fractured, scattered, or uncentered to help you come back to yourself and your wholeness.

With Reclaim Your Power, you’ll get:

  • Perfect Timing - As a self-study, work at your own pace video, you’ll never fall behind. It’s exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Lifetime Access - Whether you need to view this lesson once, or return to it often over the next several weeks, or even years, your private login will let you access the video lesson and PDF download, from anywhere, for as long as the course is offered.