Dragontree Guided Meditation Collection

  • A collection of our most meaningful guided meditations to guide you towards your most vibrant, centered, and peaceful life.
  • Helps improve sleep, immune function, cardiovascular health, telomeres, focus/attention, and overall sense of well-being.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, cravings, depression, and pain/inflammation.
  • 13 separate meditations in MP3 downloadable format.
52 reviews

We've packaged some of our favorite guided meditations together to help you live your most vibrant, centered and peaceful life. 

Research suggests that a meditation practice can:

  • Reduce psychological stress
  • Improve immune function
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Improve blood sugar control in diabetes
  • Reduce pain of all kinds
  • Support healthier emotional development in children
  • Promote lengthening of telomeres (DNA repair associated with resilience to aging and longer life)
  • Improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure
  • Reduce inflammation (in inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions)
  • Enhance the ability to focus one’s attention
  • Reduce cravings
  • Promote an overall feeling of wellbeing
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 This meditation bundle includes the following guided meditations in MP3 Format:

  • Deep Sleep Meditation – There is no substitute for quality shut eye, that's why we've created this Restful Sleep Meditation for you to use as you're falling asleep at night.
  • Deep Breathing Meditation  – Deep breathing facilitates relaxation and releases endorphins throughout the body. Oxygen provides energy, which means that we are creating an increase in our energy level by breathing deeply. We created this meditation for you to practice deep breathing in a guided format so that you can experience the benefits and hopefully make it part of your everyday life.
  • Vibrant Health Meditation – This potent meditation will guide you to enliven and heal your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Pain Relief Meditation – If you’re experiencing pain, this meditation will lead you through several meditative exercises to help reduce or even eliminate it.
  • Relaxation Meditation – This meditation guides you to a deep state of peace and has you install a “save button” so you can access this state later.
  • Authentic Energy Meditation – Using imagery from Qigong practices, the goal of this meditation is to help you gather and store energy.
  • Grounding Meditation – This meditation will guide you tap into the solid foundation of Earth energy, so you feel stable, solid, and unshakable.
  • Expanding Trust Meditation – A meditation to expand your experience of life by helping you connect to a sense of trust and love.
  • Magnetization Meditation – A powerful visualization to help you clearly see the future that you want, and pull it toward yourself.


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 52 Reviews
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Dragon tree

The voice was very good, was easily drawn into meditative state.

Brenda B.
United States United States

Wonderful and relaxing

I’m a yoga teacher and usually the one leading the guided meditation. So wonderful to get to be the listener and find the relaxation and renewal.

A The Dragontree Apothecary Customer
Annie P.
United States United States

Guided Meditation Collection

My experience with the guided meditation was very relaxing and I plan to continue to use these MP3 guides daily. I am looking forward to trying the Deep Sleep meditation this evening.

Susan P.
United States United States


have only listened to one so far the one for sleep..I was having a restless legs night and couldn't get to sleep and it was a lifesavor.. never thought of tightening and relaxing different body parts to release tension and get to sleep but it worked great!!!! Thanks

catherine h.
United States

Have not received the delivery and got no refund either

Although i was looking forward to receiving the Dreambook and planner, to start a new journey it was nog ment to be i guess.. I live in Holland and did not receive the package, sadly the mail contact service is very poor, no solution has been offered and now i have to get my payment back through my creditcard company it seems.

Gesina H.

Back for my second year with my book/planner.

Really love all my Dragontree products. I am much more invested this year in my planner and looking forward to my progress

United States

Love it

I am always happy with my Dragontree purchases and this time has been no different!

Charrie W.
United States


present for my daughter, she loves it.

Denise C.
United States

Best Planner EVER

I picked up a 2018 Dreambook + Planner in July during a super sale, and I loved using it for the last 6 months! I couldn't wait to get in on a 2019 one and get it set up before the new year hit. I am sad that I missed out on the pink one, but I'm already more organized than I ever am for the new year to begin. I will admit I did a pretty bad job of keeping up on the quarterly planning and monthly planning with last year's, but I'm hopefully ready to step up my game and go to TOWN on 2019 goal-setting. I love the layout - it's perfect for me. I love the rituals for thriving listed out each week, and the doodle space prior to each week as well. I don't usually doodle but I'm using those as note pages for various things I'm going to need to keep track of this year, like listing out my photography equipment so I can get it all insured, and for tracking ongoing research into various things I need to do for my business, like automation services and print labs and products, and figuring out costs of doing business and costs of goods. I can't stress enough what a wonderful planner Dragontree has created, and I love showing mine off to my friends. From a girl who usually hates to even spend $12 on a planner at Target, I have never been so happy to drop 3x that on this wonderful companion to my daily life. The closest thing I'd found that worked out sort of well for myself was bullet journaling, but this is a major improvement upon that. ;) Do yourself a favor and just click the order button!

Alison L.
United States

Ultimate Dreambook Kit

I bought the Ultimate Dreambook Kit as a birthday gift for someone who has wanted to start journaling and had a hard time getting motivated to start. I thought this would be a great way to get them excited because it is more of a guided journal than just writing on blank pages. I think it was a great choice because they really seam to be enjoying it so far and writing in it daily!

Lisa S.
United States

Sleep Like a Baby

These meditations are wonderful! My husband and I often listed to the sleep audio before bed and it knocks us out before the meditation is even over.

A The Dragontree Apothecary Customer
Angelene L.
United States

I love these meditations! I

I love these meditations! I have tried three so far. I love that there is a five minute grounding meditation! Plus longer ones. But that short 5 minute one is indespensible to me right now. I have found some of these have changed my perspective over the past week in how I see myself and circumstances in my life, and I find myself reminding myself more and more that the earth is a steady source of nurturing even when I feel the most disconnected. I definitely recommend this collection.

A The Dragontree Apothecary Customer
Caitlin M.

Good fit

Very nice meditation guidance. Each one is different and easy to follow. Give good visualization cues.

Marie R.
United States

Excellent product

Wonderful recordings

Helen K.
United States

Love the guided meditation!

Just started using it! Wonderful so far!

Stephanie P.
United States

What a great tool!

I have a very busy brain and this journal helps to keep me aware of budgeting my time, planning my schedule and setting goals to achieve my dreams.

Laura H.
United States

LOVE these guided meditations!

I am relatively new to meditating; these guided meditation have enabled me to start and continue a meaningful meditation practice daily. Briana's voice is very soothing, and the vivid imagery has helped me transition to my own meditation practice that is not always guided. I recommend these meditations wholeheartedly. You will be so glad you bought them! ❤

Deborah M.
United States

Great meditations

I loved all the meditations and so glad I purchased them and now listen to them all the time x

Jacinda V.

Love the challenge

I am still using it but the community and resources are amazing. I have to emotionally dig deep to resolve barriers and face reality of what it takes to get to where I want.

Theresa J.
United States


Use them every day! Excellent guided meditation

Lindsey P.
United States
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