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The Dragontree Apothecary

Intention Paper

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Plant the seeds of your desires in the Universe with the magic of bay leaves.

Bay leaves have been used to cast wishes since ancient times.  This simple and powerful ritual aligns your intentions and the magic of the Universe to support the manifestation of your dreams.

How to use Dragontree Intention Paper

  • Set the mood for your intention ritual. Dedicate a time and space for the sole purpose of the magic that’s about to unfold. Put on some calming music and dim the lights. Clean the slate. Try to set aside any stressful or distracting thoughts. If you desire, you can clear the energy of the room with the smoke of sage or palo santo. 
  • Build a fire in your fireplace or light a candle and set up your fire proof vessel.
  • Meditate for a moment on your intention, then write your intention on a piece of Intention Paper. If it adds to your reverence for the process, feel free to use your favorite pen and nicest handwriting.
  • Hold the paper between your palms and focus on your intention, visualizing this intention becoming a reality, and feeling fully the emotions that come with it. Imagine you’re filling your Intention Paper with the positive energy of your desires.
  • Now release that energy into the Universe by throwing it into your fireplace, or lighting it on fire in your fireproof container. The Fire Element is traditionally considered to be a force of change and unification. It turns matter into energy.
  • Take a minute to bask in the potential you’ve liberated, and welcome a feeling of expectant gratitude for the response you anticipate.
  • Prepare to receive. Being able to receive what you’ve asked for is as important as the asking. Make sure there’s an opening in your life for it, and an openness in yourself to evolve in your self-image with the changes that are coming.

Each package includes 9 intention sheets.