Anxiety Support

  • Support for mild and occasional anxiety.*
  • Comprised of a sophisticated and synergistic combination of Western and Chinese herbs to be effective and all natural.*
  • Non-addictive. Won't make you groggy.*
  • The 18 powerful herbs in this formula include: Bupleurum, Magnolia bark, Zizyphus, Rehmannia, Mother of Pearl and more. They are considered in traditional herbal medicine to "calm the heart spirit" and "promote the smooth flow of energy (Qi)."*
  • Made by hand in small batches in Portland Oregon.
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We all get stressed and feel anxious sometimes. It can be difficult to access that inner peace, especially in these crazy times. Don't beat yourself up. Believe it or not, your nervous system thinks it's being helpful by activating your survival mechanisms. It doesn't feel helpful though, does it? 

There's a lot that can be done to manage your feelings of anxiety. We recommend the following:

1. Reduce your exposure to news media

2. Optimize your sleep

3. Exercise daily

4. Spend time in nature on a regular basis

5. Reduce your consumption of stimulants like coffee, tea, and sugar

6. Eat good, nutrient-dense foods

7. Connect with community

8. Deepen your breathing throughout the day, specifically lengthening your exhale


For additional support, try our Anxiety Support formula.

You deserve to feel at peace.

Dr. Peter Borten designed this sophisticated blend of Western and Asian herbs to support a centered, grounded state of mind - your natural state! Some of these herbs are considered in Traditional Chinese Medicine to "calm the heart spirit." Others are used to promote the "smooth flow of Qi (our life energy)." What this means in everyday terms is that these botanicals help ease feelings of anxiousness and promote that naturally peaceful state we experience when our nervous system is in balance.*

It’s easy to use – just take 2 to 3 droppers in water or directly in your mouth, 2 to 3 times a day or as needed.

 Some of the herbs in this formula include:
  • Bupleurum – Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to "ease the flow of stagnant life energy (Qi)"*
  • Magnolia Bark – An herb with a long history of use for calming occasional digestive upset*
  • Zizyphus – This seed may help to support a balanced nervous system*
  • Rehmannia – Research has shown that this root may help to promote healthy function of the adrenal glands as part of our stress-response system*
  • Passionflower - This herb has a history of use in American and European herbal medicine for its gentle calming effect*

See the complete ingredient list.


These herbs address mild and occasional anxiety in a natural, safe way. They won't cause addiction or make you feel groggy or unable to function normally.*


About the Apothecary

Our tinctures are made by hand in small batches in Portland, Oregon with precision and care so that you get the finest and most effective product on the market.

We take your experience and the quality of our products seriously. If you are not completely satisfied with this artisan product, we will happily refund your money.

Please see for details.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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