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Do you feel downright dirty when your skin is dull and devitalized? Having clogged pores, dryness, and sluggish feeling skin, can leave a lass feeling less than sexy.

We know how it goes – ingrown hairs, bumps, flakes, and lack luster appearance. It’s no fun.

Your skin is your largest organ and luckily it’s on the surface so you get to touch, clean, exfoliate, and nourish it. Don’t you wish you could do that to your liver?

Exfoliating is one of the keys to caring for our skin. It removes dead cells and thin layers of skin that are growing over ingrown hairs, unclogs pores, and increases circulation. It makes our skin radiant and our body more energized.


We believe whole heartedly that you should exfoliate every day, or at least two times a week. But, exfoliating without moisturizing and nourishing can leave you with even dryer skin.

We’ve crafted our exfoliating spa bars to exfoliate like a boss, and also feed the skin with restorative emollients. Your skin will be soft, clean, and lusterous.

We use a single large slice of loofah, a fibrous vegetable in the cucumber family, in each bar for the brisk scrubbing or “skin brushing” experience and no little bits to dirty your bathtub or clog the drain. Then we add extra virgin olive oil and rich buttery coconut oil to restore moisture to skin as the top layer of dead cells is cleared away. Meanwhile our signature essential oil blend imparts a delightful aromatherapy experience.

We care about what’s NOT in our products too. All of our ingredients have been specifically evaluated against the Environmental Working Group’s risk scale, and only those with virtually no potential health risks were chosen.

That means:

NO parabens •NO toxic preservatives •NO petroleum products •NO artificial fragrances and colors •NO aluminum compounds •NO cocamide DEA

Why? Because we love you and 60% of what you put on your skin absorbs into your body – let’s make it good stuff.

Other exfoliants can be challenging to use, not provide enough scrub, or leave your tub full of bits of material and clog your drain. Often they contain chemical fragrances, parabens, and laurel & laureth sulfates – especially when you open your skin up by exfoliating, you don’t want to expose yourself to these ingredients that have harmful effects on your whole body.

As an Ayurvedic practitioner, Briana Borten has recommended skin exfoliation to hundreds of her patients to improve vitality and ready the skin for nutrient absorption. She created this exfoliating spa bar as the perfect tool for people to use – making it enjoyable and easy to refresh their skin.

Our exfoliating spa bar is available in our five signature scents:

  • Balance – A warm blend of vanilla, black pepper & cardamom
  • Peace – An enchanting blend of chamomile, rose & sweet orange
  • Relax – A soothing blend of lavender, lime & ylang ylang
  • Transcend – A spirited blend of amber, vetiver & ginger
  • Uplift – A clarifying blend of rosemary, basil & peppermint

About the Apothecary

Our spa bars are made by hand in small batches in Portland, Oregon with precision and care so that you get the finest and most effective product on the market.

We take your experience and the quality of our products seriously. If you are not completely satisfied with this artisan product, we will happily refund your money.

Please see for details.

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