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Online Course - Getting the Most Out of Your Dreambook+Planner

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Dreaming and Planning: Create Your Well Life is a 9-week course that works with the Dreambook + Planner to provide more support in balancing self-care and work, playing and strategic goal setting, connecting to your source of inspiration and having all the material abundance you could want. 

 If you set the same goals year after year, but don't achieve them...

If you feel scared by the big dreams you have for your life...

If you find yourself procrastinating...

Don't give up! You can find your rhythm and achieve your vision in life!

In this 9 week course we’ll guide you through the steps, mindset shifts, and practical structure for creating a goal that you’ll set through the program.  We’re not just going to give you theory, you’re going to be implementing and creating along the way.  

Over 9 entertaining, inspirational, and educational weeks, you’ll learn:

  • How to bust through procrastination
  • How to get crystal clear around your goals
  • How to overcome overwhelm and plan for your long-term future [without wanting to cry]
  • Short term planning for big goals
  • What to do when resistance creeps in and you’d rather watch  viral videos all day rather than working on your big dreams
  • How to bring more discipline into your life, and love it 
  • How to consistently tap into inspiration
  • How to create a schedule that is focused and flexible
  • Where to fit in your self-care, family, and a social life that rocks

Participating in this online course is easy. Beginning today, and continuing every Monday for nine weeks, you will receive your weekly video lessons. Each lesson within the module is full of information but easy to consume.  We know your time is valuable so we’ll give you lots of quality content without any fluff. You will spend your time living your life and implementing these principles, not listening to someone ramble.

You are ready to take this course if:

  • You are ready to start using your gifts and following your purpose!

  • You are ready to create time in your life for pure enjoyment!

  • You are ready to STOP stressing out about your to-do list!

  • You  are ready to know that your actions were truly purposeful, and your plan will make a difference!

This is your journey. We’re here to support, guide, and encourage you, but ultimately you are responsible for your own success. Just like a university class, the responsibility to show up and do the work is yours. While we are available to answer your questions, we believe that the greatest benefit comes from the discoveries you make yourself!

But when you're ready, we know you can succeed! Even If...

You are afraid of starting something you may not finish.

 We hear you. Everything we do comes first from an unshakeable foundation of self-trust. That's why in this program  we dedicate so much time examining the agreements we make, and building trust in our ability to keep our agreements (not just with others, but with ourselves too!) When you learn to keep your agreements, the world opens up to you and before you know it you'll be finishing not just this course, but all the "maybe someday's" you promised yourself.

You feel lost. You don't even know what your dreams are anymore.

Life is always unpredictable. But for many, the uncertainty of the current time results in a feeling of profound instability. The first part of this course features processes to help you get clear about what matters most to you. What feeds your soul? What supports your deepest values? What makes life feel playful? When you know these things about yourself, you'll be able to approach life from a place of inner stability and start reclaiming what matters to you.

You don't have time for another online course - or anything else!

When we're in overwhelm mode it can be difficult to commit to anything, no matter how much it may benefit you. But the truth is, it is possible to break free from the cycle, and create the space for whatever is meaningful to you. If achieving your big goals and maximizing the sweet stuff in your life is important in your life, this self-study course is always available and can be worked through at your own pace.  The more time you make for this work, the more time you'll find for the things you really want. 

You've got two choices ...

You can keep trying to balance self-care and work, play and goal setting, while struggling to push through the overwhelming days.

- or -

You can learn the system that we’ve personally used to open numerous spa locations, start a line of self care products that’s sold across the country,  create the Dreambook, manage huge teams, take extended vacations, stay connected to our community, prioritize family, and play in our creativity all while maintaining our self care.

Think about where you want to be next year, or even two months from now. Do you have a plan to get there?