Add some color to your daily planning with these gorgeous stickers from The Dragontree. Choose from 4 unique sets to customize your Dreambook or Dreambook+Planner using the dropdown menu above.

Inspiration: Get inspired to live your best life with these stunning stickers for your Dreambook, your calendar, or anywhere else you could use some light and joy.   Includes two sheets of uplifting stickers. 
    Moon Phases: Lovely images of the moon phases for use on a calendar, planner, or anywhere else you want to have a reminder of where we’re at with that magic lunar energy. Includes one sheet of stickers with four of each phase of the moon for your enjoyment.
      Moon Astrology: Gorgeous sign of the Zodiac and phases of the moon stickers to use in your planner, calendar, or anywhere else you want to add a little reminder of what’s going on with la luna.Increase the ease and grace of your projects and events by aligning with the influence of the moon. Includes three sheets of stickers with new moon to full moon phases of each of the twelve zodiac signs.
        Dreambook+Planner Sticker Pack: The ultimate sticker collection, created specifically to fit perfectly in your Dreambook+Planner.  Includes one sheet of Dreaming, Planning, and Celebrating stickers to use in your schedule so you complete the cycle of creation on all of your big dreams! Also includes one sheet of Rituals for Thriving stickers with all of the rituals you can place throughout your week to create your ultimate health and happiness, and two sheets of beautiful Intention stickers for use in your daily intentions box. Aiming to feel peaceful? Centered? Focused? They’ve got all that and more.

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        Rebekah B.
        United States

        I love my stickers!

        I'm in love with my new planner stickers. The trick will be hiding them from my kids who also fell in love!

        Patricia H.
        United States


        I like the stickers but there are a couple of things I want to point out and suggest. They do fit in the planner so that is not a worry. They are very small and hard to peel off the backing individually. Every time I pull one off, three or four more come along with. Then I have to put them back and that loses their stickiness. There are no quote stickers. What I was really hoping to see was more positive quotes from Briana and Peter. They are so inspiring their words would be great to be able to place throughout the Planner. No workout stickers. There are no h20 or, yoga, or another type of stickers. There are a couple, but a whole sheet of them would be great. Fit goals, Nourishment, Feeling- anything workout or healthy, exercise related would be awesome sauce. There are no spiritual stickers. Having a mini prayer list or Bible Study stickers would be great. Meditation stickers for time, place, etc would be great. Stickers of all types of spiritual nature would be great. Lastly, sadly no Dragontree Logo Stickers. I wanted these to put on my laptop, my binder, and other areas of my planner as well. These are things I use from another brand I really like. I love Dragontree and love so much about them. These would be a great addition to your planner if you are looking for some starter stickers or if you were giving a bundle as a gift.

        MaLinda P.
        United States

        Stickers and Strengths

        One of my top five Strengths is Achiever. When you are high Achiever it's all about checking it off the list. The stickers help me do just that! High quality and fun! They are better than what I expected!

        Malia H.
        United States

        My inner child is smiling!!

        Lovely stickers!

        Ronikka H.
        United States

        i love them

        the make my journal so much fun to write in.

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