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Online Course - Introduction to Qi Gong

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An Introductiong to Qi Gong with Dr. Peter Borten

We created this introduction to Qi Gong for our Dragontree Life Coaching students, but believe that it would be beneficial for almost everyone, whether you are using these techniques to improve your own wellbeing or as part of holistic wellness practice.

The intention for this three-part video series is to create videos that would be easy to follow and learn from for an easy beginning Qi Gong practice. There are techniques for building and circulating energy, and also for cleansing or clearing out “toxicity” or unhealthy energy.

Qi Gong is practiced by millions of common people around the world for the purpose of improving health, building energy, and elevating one’s consciousness.

The practices in these videos are fairly simple and you’ll be able to follow along right from your first viewing. But there is a tremendous range of depth that’s possible even with these basic movements. The internal work, called Nei Gong, going far beyond how you’re moving your body. Over time, you will build your focus and strengthen your intention, and in so doing, these exercises will feel very different and their effect with be much more powerful.  

With Introduction to Qi Gong, you will get:

  • Perfect Timing - As a self-study, work at your own pace video series, you’ll never fall behind. It’s exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Lifetime Access - Whether you need the series for weeks or years, your private login will let you access to the video library from anywhere, for as long as the course is offered.