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The Dragontree Apothecary

2024 Dreambook + Planner Bundles

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$ 118.00 USD
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$ 118.00 USD

Introducing three all new Dreambook + Planner Bundles for 2024! Purchase your favorite accessories or register for online sessions designed to help you get the most out of your Dreambook + Planner — and save up to 30% off the retail price.


The Dreambook + Planner “Ink and Insights”  Bundle

118.00 Bundle Price

  • One 2024 Dreambook + Planner ($48)
  • Your choice of one limited edition 2024 Dreambook Cover ($27)
  • One package of Intention Paper ($15)
  • One package of Large Magnetic Page Markers ($8)
  • One package of Small Magnetic Page Markers ($6)
  • One “Abundance” Sticker Pack containing 198 custom stickers ($12)
  • Intro to Qi Gong Online Course ($47)
  • Total retail value: $163.00
2024 covers


The Dreambook + Planner “Essentials” Bundle 

92.00 Bundle Price

Available Until  11/28/23

  • One Dreambook + Planner ($48)
  • Access to Dream. Design. Do. Workshop: One day each week, for three weeks join in live, online workshops that will walk you through the beginning exercises in your Dreambook + Planner to help you lay a solid foundation to get the life you want. ($49)
  • Dream. Design. Do. Companion Exercise: Working in tandem with the Dream. Design. Do. Workshop, these daily, creative, and fun exercises reinforce the skills learned in the workshops. Each of the nine days of the Dream. Design. Do. Companion Exercise is designed to be completed in less than 20 minutes. ($27)

  • Total retail value: $124.00


The “Reflect and Create” Bundle 

77.00 Bundle Price

  • One 2024 Dreambook + Planner ($48)
  • One Rituals For Transformation guided journal ($30)
  • One Package of Intention Paper ($15)
  • Total retail value: $93


Production Note: After printing, we noticed minor typographic errors. These have been corrected with decals and most likely you will not notice the correction. However, to compensate we are including two free “Magic Mondays” Online Workshops (a $34.00 value).