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The Dragontree Apothecary

2024 Dreambook + Planner

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If You Don't Plan Your Life, Someone Else Will.

We have shown tens of thousands of people how to create the life THEY want and deserve.

Your life has so many moving parts—work, relationships, paying bills, running errands, doctors’ appointments—all the things that we keep in our calendar. Then there are life goals—make more money, start a business, write a book, get fit, go back to school, find love, travel, learn a new language. These are the things we dream of but never really create a plan to realize them. So, they go on the back burner.

The Dreambook + Planner will teach you how to create structure that combines the “must do” and the “want to” parts of your life. It aligns your daily actions with the vision you have for your life, so it happens now, not in some far-off future.

The Dreambook + Planner works as a “life hub” and draws from principles in psychology, time management, goal setting, and combines them with spirituality and self-development to create a structure that contains and sustains all the parts of your life.

There’s simply not another planner out there that utilizes so many tools and methods to integrate daily tasks, life goals and dreams with spiritual growth to help you take daily steps to create the life you want!

What's New in the  2024 Dreambook + Planner:    

  • New lower price

  • Luxurious linen textured cloth cover

  • Cover is more flexible for improved comfort  

  • Slightly thinner profile     

  • Year at-a-glance 2025 full calendar

  • 328 pages

  • Monthly 2025 calendar with room for notes

  • How to break down goals diagram

  • Page references to quickly navigate instructions, pages, and calendars

  • Cleaner layout with bigger, bolder print for easy reading and scanning

  • Monthly calendar where you choose how to start the week!   Monday, Funday, Get Stuff Done Day, Rest Day, Creative Day......all your own choice.

All creation comes from and returns to the eternal void. When we consciously choose to bring our awareness to this process of creativity and ourselves as creators, we stimulate our potential to flow through. We’ve intentionally given our calendar a void space to start our weeks so we can remember our role as visionary generators in our lives - allowing inspiration to flow through.

What's inside the 2024 Dreambook + Planner:    

  • Elegant 80# paper that’s easy to write on

  • Smear resistant with most brands of gel-ink pens

  • Instructional introduction includes: How to get started, best ways to use the book, and sample pages for inspiration

  • Exercises for connecting to true desires, dreaming, visioning, crafting, ritualizing, and setting theme for the year

  • Wire-O bound for perfect lay flat or easy writing on-the-go

  • Daily Planning:

    • Set intentions

    • identify priorities

    • Habit tracking

  • Weekly Planning:

    • Task list

    • Rituals for thriving ideas

    • Weekly at-a-glance calendar

    • Reflection, gratitude, habit tracking and

    • Weekly dot journal pages

  • Monthly Planning:

    • Month at-a-glance view to track priorities

    • Planning tools to identify and reach your monthly goals

  • Quarterly Planning:

    • Review and renew quarterly life edits

    • Quarterly project breakdown

    • Self-trust assessments

  • Yearly Planning:

    • 12-month, week-by-week calendar

  • End of Year: 

    • Reflection

    • Memorable moments

    • Successes + Items to work on

    • 2025 year at a glance calendar to keep the momentum!

And for a little extra support we have a Dragontree Facebook group to connect/learn/support with other Dreambook + Planner users PLUS access to everything Dragontree!