Dreambook Master Pack

This limited-time bundle contains one book-bound Dreambook or Dreambook + Planner, your choice of one in-stock 2021 Dreambook Cover for Book-Bound Planners, one package of Intention Paper, one package of our beautiful custom Page Markers, one package of Transformation Stickers, one package of Inspiration Stickers, and one package of the Dreambook+Planner Sticker Pack! 

The Dreambook Master Pack includes:

About the Dreambook+Planner

The Dreambook helps you commit to your short and long-term goals, personal growth, and whole health through creative processes, mind mapping, visioning, planning sessions, and a weekly boot camp. It also has space to journal along the way and reflect on your accomplishments. The Dreambook+Planner also incorporates a full 12-month, week-by-week calendar to keep yourself on track. Our book-bound planner is undated so you can get started anytime.

About the Dreambook

Briana designed the Dreambook (sans planner) for people who use a digital planner or other planning system for all their appointments, and thus don't need all the planner spreads. It still has all the mind-mapping, self-inquiry, dreaming, goal-setting, weekly habit tracking etc. features that are unique to our Dreambook+Planner, and the pages are more spacious since there's no day planner packed in there with them.


Choose from the following cover styles:

What's inside the book:

  • 7×10 inches. Your dreams are big – don’t try to cram them into post-it notes
  • Over 300 pages including:
  • Introduction: How to get started, the best ways to use the book
  • Dreaming: Connecting to true desires, dreaming and honing vision, crafting, ritualizing, setting your theme for the year
  • Planning Sessions: Goals for the year, quarter, and month
  • 2 page Weekly Boot Camp spread Top with goals for the week, tasks, a weekly Ritual for Living health challenge, space to de-clutter
  • Weekly Download: Reflection and gratitude
  • Back Sheets: Lists, essential blank space for right brain creative exploration
  • End of Year: Reflection, memorable moments, what worked and didn’t work, next year’s theme
  • Monthly: Planning tool to keep you on track with what matters most, identify your monthly theme and goals 
  • Weekly: Task list, Rituals for Living challenge, schedule, life balance tool
  • Daily: Set an intention, express gratitude, identify a focus 
  • Times left blank so you can fill in the hours that matter to you 
  • Dot-grid pages for notes
  • Habit tracker
  • New pre-filled sample pages
  • More space every week for notes and doodles 
  • Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planner spreads are only available in the Dreambook + Planner, but the extra features and challenges from those pages are still available in both books

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