Sleep Support 1oz

Rolling around in bed, unable to sleep, not able to get comfortable, and getting more and more anxious about the idea of how you’ll feel in the morning without a wink of rest, which, of course, makes it even more difficult to relax. You have the disgusting feeling of being exhausted and restless at the same time

So, you get out of bed for a change of scenery, go down to the couch, close your eyes, only to have them pop back open.Ê So, you decide to check Facebook, or read a book, or make a to do list for tomorrow…maybe that will help you unwind enough to sleep. But, no.

You wonder if you should just get up and be awake or keep trying?

If you’re lucky enough fall asleep (or back to sleep), your alarm goes off in what seems like seconds after you finally drift into much needed slumber.

You trudge through the next day with a foggy brain and exhausted body. Your works suffers, your relationships strain, and fun times are less enjoyable because you’re day dreaming of a full night sleep.

Most of the sleep aids out there knock you out and make you feel groggy the next day. They act as a band-aid for the problem rather than a sustainable solution. Many also are risky to combine with alcohol, and may have additional risks such as amnesia.

Our sleep formula was created by Dr. Peter Borten, to rid you of restless nights, without being sedated.

It promotes deep and restful sleep and makes falling asleep and staying asleep easier.* Taken throughout the day, our sleep formula controls the tendency for the nervous system to become hyperactive, meaning not just better sleep, but a more calm waking life.

Some users with chronic insomnia have found that after taking the formula for several weeks or months, they can gradually discontinue it and continue sleeping well

It’s easy to use – just take 1 to 3 dropperfuls in a little water before bed.

Four of the 17 powerful herbs chosen are:

  • Mother of pearl – is a rich organic calcium source, and has long been used for its gentle and safe sedative effect.
  • Corydalis – this herb is famous in Traditional Chinese Medicine for both relieving pain and inducing sleep, thus it’s especially good when insomnia is accompanied by aches and pains.
  • Reishi mushroom – this legendary mushroom is known as an adaptogen – it improves our ability to adapt to stress of all kinds. It also simultaneously has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, which helps promote natural and healthy sleep.
  • Poria mushroom heart – this plant is used to “calm the spirit.” It is used for anxiety and insomnia, especially when there is also digestive upset.
See the complete ingredient list.


Using this unique blend of herbs, our tincture supports the overall health of your nervous system, so that those full nights of sleep are no longer just daydreams.


About the Apothecary

Our tinctures are made by hand in small batches in Portland, Oregon with precision and care so that you get the finest and most effective product on the market.

We take your experience and the quality of our products seriously. If you are not completely satisfied with this artisan product, we will happily refund your money.

Please see for details.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Lynn K.
United States

Excellent Product

Loved it and shared it with friends and they loved it !!!

Melinda C.
United States

Great but the dropper doesn't

Great but the dropper doesn't work. ☹️Still luv this product!

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