Rituals For Living Connection e-Book

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We are super-passionate about helping people connect to their deepest desires and core values when creating their lives so that our collective plans in the world are driven by what’s in our hearts and souls. 

We believe that balance does exist and that when you are connected to your true desires you can commit to your goals, health, and happiness throughout the year (and not just for that blissful first week when everything feels new and wonderful)

This eBook contains the Connection section from our bestselling Rituals for Living Dreambook+Planner. When you download this guided journal, you will receive:

  • 80 questions and writing prompts designed to help you help you achieve clarity around your priorities and path, align with your dreams and goals, and start on your journey toward balance and true success.
  • Email follow-up to help guide you on this journey of clarity and discovery
The PDF is 28 pages long and printable at 8.5x11 inches. 


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